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ZananeRajsingh (born 15 March 1988) is an Indian Film maker who dared to dream, made a few short films and got critically acclaimed internationally. His films have won him awards at various film festivals like Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival of India 2013, Ignite Short Film Festival 2012, Chemozale India 2011 and many more. He is a founder of COLOR International Film Festival of India which is Gujarat’s one of its kind festival dedicated to promote youth interested in Films, Music and Photography. He is also an Ad Film maker working with several brands in India.


Zanane, who has his roots in the small town of Maharashtra, was born and raised in Kolhapur where his mother was a teacher at St. Xaviers School while his father worked as a logistics manager in a company which makes furnaces in India. He was the second child born in his family. His elder brother later worked for a leading network service providing company and the youngest brother works in an Italian origin firm in Dubai. Due to his father’s transfers from one city to other Zanane was brought to Ahmedabad.


In 2009, Zanane moved to Pune to work for a MNC where he continued working till 2011. But there was something missing in his 6 pm to 3 am job! While he was searching for the missing link, the unfortunate German Bakery Bomb Blast happened. The lively, most cosmopolitan place of many including him was brought down in flames in a matter of a few seconds killing several innocents!
This incident scared his faith in humanity. At this juncture of his life he discovered his passion in life! Film making was his calling! He left the job and came back in his city- Ahmedabad. Following his new found passion, he made his first film, A Candle Light Event based on the German Bakery Blast which garnered a lot of appreciation from everyone who saw it and an award as the Best Film in Chemozale 2011 held in Nirma University. He took his passion a step further by launching his production house, ZR Productions! Under his home banner, he directed and produced another film, Ashru-Tears in heaven. ZR Productions believe in making films that mirror the present society. And Ashru stood true to this philosophy as it revolved around a couple in ‘love’ surviving cancer. As a budding film maker he felt rewarded when Ashru was screened at Shamiana, Ahmedabad on 23rd Sept 2011 for packed audience at Natarani Amphitheatre! "The sound of applause still echoes in my head! And words of Cyrus Dastur (Founder of Shamiana India) - “We are proud of you!” are my source of motivation" - says Zanane. After making series of social films and documentaries, Zanane decided to take up a script that was a complete fiction with a genre of Psychological thriller called Hastkala- An Art of Hand. Hastkala premiered at Shamiana Short Films Club and received an over whelming response with capacity of over 750 people. The film got Zanane an Award for Best Screenplay at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival of India. The short film was short listed for a few competitions nationally and internationally. “KHONE DE – A Story of every Nirbhaya” happened for him and Binny Sharma who has written, composed and sung the song. With their angered feelings towards the saddened Delhi Rape Case, they tried to question the mentality of Humans by not passing any Judgment or being diplomatic or by targeting the government or the people involved. The video has won Best Music Video at Ignite Short Film Festival and has been shortlisted for Lakecity International Film Festival. It has been screened at various NGO events, Women’s Peace Film Festival like The Cinema of Resistance by Mallika Sarabhai, Ahmedabad Rising etc. and so he wishes to put it forward to some Competitive film festivals to spread the message because he supports the Cause.
And 2014 saw his ingress into the feature film arena. The movie Beyond Blue is his first feature film and is based on earlier short film, Hastkala. Future projects for the young director include It’s Tomorrow, a film intended to sensitize audience to the perils of climate change and global warming. The movie is expected to release in 2016.

Ahmedabad is known for its colorful festivals and so Zanane founded Color International Film Festival of India based in Ahmedabad, seeks to involve audiences in a full range of cultural opportunities, combining film, music and art into year-round events designed to cross-promote the works of filmmakers, musicians and artists to new audiences.


  • CHEMOZALE INDIA 2011 - (Winner) BEST FILM for "A Candle Light Event"
  • TEDxMICA 2011 - Special screening of "A Candle Light Event
  • Re-Think India 2011 - Nomination for "Ashru - Tears in Heaven"
  • AFP 2011 - Successfully completed "Anurupata" in 48 hr. film project
  • Iginte Short Film Festival 2012 - (Winner) Best Music Video for "Khone De"
  • Lakecity International Film Festival 2013 - Nomination for "Khone De"
  • Cinema Of Resistance 2013 - Special screening of "Khone De"
  • Dada SahebPhalke Film Festival 2013 - (Winner) Best Screenplay for "Hastkala"
  • Lakecity International Film Festival 2013 - Official selection as Best Film for "Hastkala"
  • Imphal International Film Festival 2013 - Official selection as Best Film for "Hastkala"
  • Founder - Color International Film Festival of India
  • Festival de Cannes 2015 - World Premiere of “Beyond Blue”


· A Candle Light Event (2011)
· Ashru - Tears in Heaven (2011)
· Anurupata (2011)
· Aaj ki Taaza Khabar (2011)
· Hastkala - An Art of Hand (2012)
· Khone De - A story of every Nirbhaya (2013)
· Beyond Blue (Currently in post-production)
· It's Tomorrow - The Film (Currently in production)

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