Production House

The film is produced by Dr. Acharya who is also the corporate advisor to the The Nanoland Group, where after Beyond Blue, he is also producing the movie – Its Tomorrow directed by Zanane Rajsingh.

The Nanoland Group is a dynamic organization that engages in production of scientific films, fiction movies and documentaries. The Group is also involved in scientific research and development on topics such as climate change and energy conservation, print and publication, and software development. The production house is well renowned for producing movies and films that break away from tradition and create compelling pieces of motion pictures.

Nanoland group is a knowledge pool of rising talents with experienced professionals, working in diversified areas of technology innovation and implications. It is accepted world over that even in the advancement of Space Technology and Demystify the unexplored universe, nanotechnology plays a key role.

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Mezzanine Floor, N.R. House, Nr. Popular House, Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad - 380 009 INDIA.

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